WEALTH is created by allowing as much money to flow your way as possible, reducing your expenses and taking your net profit and purchasing cash flow generating assets.

The Wealth & Health Empowerment Network's goal is to help as many people as possible attain the greatest amount of wealth through increasing their income, cash flow and assets, while at the same time, decreasing their expenses and taxation.

There is a virtual wealth of information at this site, directly or through links, which if followed, studied and acted upon will greatly change your current status in life.

Increasing one's wealth is a very simple procedure which we call the LET principle: Learning the power of Earning through Teaching.

We've all heard the sayings; let it go and let it flow, or let go and let God. One simply needs to let go of their fears and allow the LET Principle to take over.

As you begin to study and learn the principles found herein, begin to tell and teach them to others. This will infuse these principles into your being and they will become second nature to you.

May we suggest you start with the Rich Dad.  This will give you the Financial Intelligence that is necessary to move forward.