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(How balanced is your wheel?)

The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect and set goals for the new year.  We all make the proverbial "New Year Resolutions" that we promise ourselves and any one who will listen that we are committed and things will be better this year.

And then, oh well, we all know what happens...

Whenever we are not happy with something in our lives we commit to making a change, regardless of the time of year.

Let's do better right now.  Instead of making "New Year Resolutions" why don't we do some "New Year Revelations?"  Instead of jumping on the same old band wagon of, "I want to lose weight", general and sure to fail, be more specific.  However, before we can even do that, we need to reveal some things first.

We must first take stock of where we are so we can get a true picture of what really needs to be worked on, where we need to spend our committed time to actually make some real changes.

One of the reasons for the Wealth & Health Empowerment Network is to bring certain things to light and bring everything into balance.

When one considers Wealth, what comes to mind is having lots of money, lots of stuff, or being secure financially.  When one considers Health, being free from sickness or disease usually comes to mind.  However, it is so much more than that.

To be sound both with Wealth and Health, a number of things need to be in balance.  Let us start with not separating them.  Wealth and Health can be considered as one.  Everyone knows that if you have all the money in the world but you are sick and diseased, there is no happiness.  Likewise, if you have all the Health in the world and you live in poverty, it would certainly be better if you had some money.  

Consider HEALTH to be at the top, the pinnacle.  Everything we strive for is health and wellness.  Obviously, if you are physically sick, it is easy to understand that you are not healthy.  What about Mental Health?  Then we have Financial Health.  There are a number of things.

So we need to bring these things into balance in our lives so we can experience true HEALTH.  Consider these seven areas; Mental Health, Physical Health, Financial Health, Family Health, Social Health, Career Health, and Spiritual Health.  If these seven areas of health can be in balance, then we will begin to experience greater levels of health, (and prosperity).

The first step for this New Year is your New Year Revelation.  To do that, click on this Wellness Wheel, print it out, and on a scale of 1 to 10, mark where you think you currently are in these seven important areas.  Then, connect the dots, from one number to the next in this wheel.  A number of interesting things will be revealed.  Rather than a nice round wheel, you may have a wheel with one flat side.  Or it may be very jagged.  It may be a very big wheel, or a very small one.

What ever it is, you will immediately see where you need to make some resolutions with commitment for this new year.  Even if it is balanced, it certainly can get bigger!

Until next time, have fun with this.

Dr. Lou